Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Minority Report

In case you missed it, Minority Report was a Tom Cruise movie that was based around the idea of cops going after people who *might* commit crimes in the future.

Sounds pretty far fetched, right? yeah, I thought so too. Turns out it's pretty much spot on, just with more frustration and disbelief and less Tom Cruise.

Here's the story-

My dad is the trustee to my grandmother's estate (the one with Alzheimer's that I posted about a few days ago). She isn't able to do things like go shopping or pay her bills, so he does it all.

Medical has just told my mother that she may not be eligible for emergency medical insurance because she has access to my grandmother's trust through my father. They have specifically told her that her income and assets might be higher than she has reported because my father has access to my grandmother's accounts.

Now, lets keep in mind that if my parents were to use my grandmother's money to pay my mom's medical bills, that's embezzlement and fraud. 

So, in essence, Medical is telling my mother "you are ineligible because you might be a criminal"

This is so completely asinine that I can barely wrap my head around it. It's bad enough that they tried to seize my little sister's savings because my mom was a co-signer on their accounts. It wasn't enough to start sending my mother bills before she was even out of the hospital. Now, they have decided that she shouldn't be helped because she might be the kind of person who would steal from her mother-in-law. 

At current count, my mother's bills are about 1/2 a million dollars. My parents can't even get get a second mortgage to help pay them. The house isn't worth enough. Bankruptcy is the next step if medical continues to give them the run around.

When I asked my mom if bankruptcy would really be that bad, considering they don't have many assets to begin with, my mother said "it wouldn't be too bad for us, but i don't want to stiff the doctors"

That's my mom. She's stuck in a wheel chair in a body and neck brace with a cast on her foot, drugged to the gills, being accused of being a criminal and in danger of losing everything she's spent her life trying to save, and her first thought when asked about what she thinks of her options is for the well being of the doctors


  1. You mom sounds like a helluva good lady. Be thankful you wound up with her and not my ma.

    You have my daily support, good sir. Again, the best of luck to you and yours.

  2. i don't like tom cruise!

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  3. Tom Cruise is using his witchcraft.

  4. Doin what I can to help out. You're a great writer too good work.

    --Daytona Jones
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  5. Fuuuuuuuuuuuck. Them damn insurance tards. gl =(


  7. wow man that really blows. keep your head up!

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