Thursday, September 23, 2010

Stranger Than Fiction

The more I learn about all this the more I can't believe it.

So, it turns out that after some deliberation, MediCal has decided that being married to a Trustee does not, in fact, disqualify you from emergency medical coverage.

You'd think that would have been that, but no. They've decided that my mother would be better taken care of by putting her on the county's low income medical plan.

Keep in mind now that the medical bills are around 1/2 a million dollars. The county is pretty much broke. If the county were to take on my mother's debt, they would most likely have to go to the state for assistance. So the state is saying "we can't help you, but you should talk to that guy, and when he can't help you, he'll come talk to us."

And what would the county's assistance leave us with? Glad you asked. The county would be more than willing to take on the debt, which it will later pawn off on the state, if my family agrees to pay the low, low co-payer price of $1,100 a month.

Based on last years taxes, my parents, who work together as self-employed artists, had an average income of $1,500 a month. Now that mom's hurt they make a whole lot less than that.

So the state is saying "Well, we'd be happy to help you out, if you're willing to give us more money than you're making right now."

Yep. This is the system that we pay taxes to implement. This is our public safeguard. "In case of emergency, give us everything you have. Hey, you won't be dead, right?"

Canada is looking better and better by the day.


  1. dont come up here to canada man, its even worse. we've been on this system for 20 years.

    if you are above 60, and going blind, they give you a cane. they will not give you the surgery that is free under our state healthcare because they determin that you are old, and that the resources should be saved for younger patients. sad but true.

  2. I hate medi-cal...oh and don't forget that the moron telling mom that she will need to go on the county plan doesn't know what he is talking about because I was told by a medical supervisor that she isn't eligible for that program because she has kids under 18. Oh and another cherry...the girls might be eligible but mom and dad wont! how does that make sense?

  3. been thinking about canada a lot lately

  4. yeah, I thinking about canada too
    and im following u ^^

  5. Great post!

    looking forward to reading the next one